TINWire Tech News Roundup: 17 September 19

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Global economic sentiment may be cautious, but amongst the market rises and falls New Zealand’s tech sector remains a bullish beacon. Mobile marketing company and NZX star Plexure has been on a hiring spree this year and CEO Craig Herbison says there are more jobs in the works. The skills shortage – a well-documented challenge for many in the tech …

Aroa Biosurgery

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As Microsoft reminds us that Windows 7 support will end in 2020, James & Wells Associate, Samuel Parkinson can’t help but remember the headaches caused when Windows XP support ended. It was a prudent lesson that reverse engineering can be more straight-forward than you might imagine.

TINWire Tech News Roundup: 3 September 19

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Our recent TINTalk event in Wellington highlighted the different paths companies can take to profitability; sometimes rocky, often challenging, never taken for granted. Our esteemed panel told the audience that companies can expect tough decisions, obstacles and even failure along the way, and that profitability doesn’t necessarily mean success. However, it is clearly an enabler. It helps stimulate and generate …


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Our recent TINTalk, titled ‘In the Black – The Journey to Profitability’ profiled the journeys of three very different companies with the common goal of profitability. Lana Vaughan, COO of software performance monitoring company Raygun, Don Christie, founder and managing director of open-source software company Catalyst IT, and Phil McCaw, founding partner of VC investment firm Movac, shared their experiences of steering their …

TINWire Tech News Roundup: 20 August 19

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The release of NBR’s annual Rich List last week should give heart to our country’s tech entrepreneurs. Although there’s clearly money to be made in property – with that sector well and truly dominating this year’s hotly-contested listings – there was a strong feeling that tech entrepreneurs could soon get their name in lights if the rising profitability of the …

TINWire Tech News Roundup: 6 August 19

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Andy Hamilton’s stewardship of Icehouse as its founding Chief Executive (and first employee), and the recent news that he is stepping down from his role after 18 incredible years is worthy of mention.  Under Andy’s inspired guidance, the Icehouse has established its ecosystem based on partnerships and independence, injected support into the regions, celebrated innovation and creativity, and helped drive …

TINWire Tech News Roundup: 23 July 19

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It’s great to see the potential of  NZ’s tech export sector increasingly recognised in mainstream media, particularly the lead editorial of a national newspaper. In a pointed editorial a week ago, the Weekend Herald, loudly echoed something that TIN has been saying for some time – that Kiwi tech companies are not only growing but now growing profitably without any …

Early Stage Companies: Halter

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It’s been an exciting past year for the team with a few key highlights springing to mind. Deploying Halter technology on our pilot farm and getting it operational was certainly a highlight, along with working through production in Shenzhen and the countless insightful conversations we’ve had with NZ farmers over the last year or so.