Volpara Health

Volpara Health 2020 Absolute IT Supreme Scale-Up 2021 Absolute IT Supreme Scale-Ups Next100 Rocket Award TIN Member About Volpara was founded in 2009 to provide the most accurate breast-density measurement possible. By applying this work to breast screening, enhancing its ability to detect breast cancer early, Volpara seeks to fulfil its purpose of saving families from cancer. Volpara’s software is …


DataTorque. 2021 Absolute IT Supreme Scale-Ups Next100 TIN Member About We help countries around the world advance by transforming their public revenue systems.  By enabling governments to generate essential domestic revenue, DataTorque facilitates investment in key public services and infrastructure that are crucial to improving the lives of their people. Founded in 1994 we are revenue reform specialists who provide …

Link Engine Management Ltd

Link Engine Management Ltd. 2021 Absolute IT Supreme Scale-Ups Next100 TIN Member About Link Engine Management is a global leader in motorsport electronics and performance technology. We specialise in the development, manufacture, and marketing of engine control units (ECUs) built to manage motorsport and powersport vehicles. Link is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand with offices located in Australia, Spain, the …

Howick Ltd

Howick is a pioneer in the technology of precision light steel roll-forming machines.

Pacific Edge

Pacific Edge is a cancer diagnostics company, specialising in discovering, building and commercialising innovative cancer diagnostic tests.