APLYiD TIN Member About APLYiD is a trusted & accredited digital ID solution designed to streamline your customer onboarding with a first-class user experience. APLYiD provides a simplified 2-step approach using biometric verification to match ID photos with government records and a selfie of the document holder. With lightning-fast ID processing and a reduced number of steps and documents required …


PageProof Early Stage Company TIN Member About PageProof is an ingeniously simple to use yet powerful online proofing tool that makes reviewing and approving work feel effortless. Files of any kind—Adobe CC, Microsoft Office, web banners, movies, emails, HTML banners, and more—can be securely shared with your team in just a few clicks. Smart tools help your reviewers make sure …


DataTorque. 2021 Absolute IT Supreme Scale-Ups Next100 TIN Member About We help countries around the world advance by transforming their public revenue systems.  By enabling governments to generate essential domestic revenue, DataTorque facilitates investment in key public services and infrastructure that are crucial to improving the lives of their people. Founded in 1994 we are revenue reform specialists who provide …

Datacom Group Ltd

Datacom Group Ltd. 2015 EY 10 Companies to Watch 2016 EY Ten Companies to Watch 2017 EY 10 Companies to Watch 2018 EY 10 Companies to Watch 2019 EY Ten Companies to Watch 2021 EY 10 Companies to Watch TIN Member TIN100 About Our focus on our customers is at the heart of who we are. We pride ourselves on …


Engagement and giving solutions for the US Fatih sector and not-for-profit organisations.


Seequent is a global leader in the development of visual data science software and collaborative technologies. Our solutions enable people to create rich stories and uncover valuable insights from geological data, and ultimately make better decisions about their earth, environment and energy challenges.

Vista Group International

Vista Group provides software solutions across the global film industry including Cinema Management for large scale and smaller cinemas, Film Distribution, Moviegoer Data Analytics, Business Intelligence Solutions and Box Office reporting software. Two companies that provide Creative and Marketing services to studios and online Movie Media Services for moviegoers are also included in the Group.