Featuring in the TIN Report

Do you know of a New Zealand technology company that is not currently profiled in the TIN Report? Use our FAQ to find answers about the annual TIN Report survey and how companies can participate or send us an email if you have further questions.

Both printed and editable electronic copies of the annual survey are distributed to over 600 companies in May each year (the Report is published each October). If you know a company who meets the inclusion criteria and would like to receive a survey, please have them register their interest.

Please Send Me a Survey
Both early stage and more established technology companies can return a TIN survey. To qualify for inclusion in the annual TIN Report, companies must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Originate in New Zealand*;
  • Retain a meaningful presence in New Zealand;
  • Operate in the High-tech manufacturing, ICT or Biotech sectors;
  • Have developed their own technology-based intellectual property;
  • Generate at least 10% of their revenues offshore; or they plan to do this (if they are early stage companies that are not currently generating revenues).

Early stage companies who do not currently meet TIN’s revenue or export thresholds can still return our Survey and be promoted as one of New Zealand’s upcoming early stage businesses!

*Foreign acquired companies are included in the TIN Report only where they meet the above criteria, are not subsumed within the parent company, and still provide their own financial data.

Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary. By participating in our survey, your business will be playing its part in providing information the sector needs to grow and prosper.

The TIN Report is a critical resource on the tech sector used by those in government, media, investment, research, and the general public. There are many ways your company benefits from inclusion in the report:

  • Significant exposure and profile in NZ and internationally through media reporting, TIN communications, and partner activities (the TIN Report is also circulated through Callaghan Innovation and NZTE offices worldwide, providing participating companies with exposure to various programmes and international markets);
  • Profile with investors, and with Government and private funders, both locally and internationally;
  • Insight into other enterprises similar to your own;
  • Opportunity to be identified as one of the leading companies in your field;
  • Ability to actively contribute to a clearer understanding of what is happening in the technology and innovation industry.
TIN’s Industry Survey informs the writing of the TIN Report, and TIN projects throughout the year.

Each year TIN analyses survey data and ranks and reports on the top 200 revenue-earning companies. Other companies may be profiled in other sections of the TIN Report, including the “Early Stage Companies” section.

Most of the data you provide in the TIN Industry survey is confidential and is reported in aggregate only. Sensitive information is never shared with sponsors, partners, or other third parties.

Where TIN intends to publish any specific information about individual companies, these information areas are clearly highlighted in the survey.

Details about the metrics reported in the TIN Report and other publications can be found here.

Business profile information is emailed to each company before publication to provide an opportunity for amendments.

TIN ensures the information we collect, use and store is kept confidential. Information security and integrity is central to all our activities.

Send me a Survey

I have read the inclusion criteria and believe that my company would qualify for inclusion in the TIN100 Report.