Billion Dollar Businesses – Xero

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In our continuing series on Billion Dollar Businesses, we take a look this week at Xero, which has a current market valuation of A$8.3B.  Craig Hudson, Xero's Managing Director for NZ and Pacific Islands, tells us that what he loves about being a Kiwi business is that they've proven that you can build a truly global business from ‘down under.'
Rod’s vision was to build a global business from an island in the middle of the pacific, even when others in the market said it wasn’t possible. But it was always more than just about accounting for Xero - it was much bigger than that. So Rod’s vision was always clear, it was just a question of execution.

Rod also knew that for these global aspirations to become a reality, the business would have to be founded with a strong purpose. The essence of this purpose has guided Xero through its exceptional growth over the past 13 years, and still stands at the heart of the business today - to make life better for people in small business.

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