Troubleshooting – Tech Pulse 2020

12 November 2020
Annual Technology Investment Network (TIN) survey launches this week into a changed world

Tech Pulse is hosted on the Swapcard event platform. The short 90 second video to the right explains all of the features available to you at Tech Pulse 2020, including how to network.

If you have any issues logging into Tech Pulse or accessing event content, and are unable to answer your questions using the below information, please email us directly at  

We can't wait to see you online soon! 

Tech Pulse Login(Use the email address you used to register for the event)
Register Now(If you haven't already purchased a ticket)


I did not receive the login email: The login email or the "magic link" email is an automated email that is sent to you once your registration information is synced with Swapcard. This email is sent from If it is not in your inbox, check your spam folder or it may have been blocked by your company's firewall if you are using your work email address. If your company is blocking our email, please have them whitelist and request a new magic link email at the login page.

Your email subject line for your login email was:

  • Speakers: Setup your Tech Pulse Speaker Profile
  • Attendees: Set Up Your Tech Pulse Profile
  • Sponsors/Members: Welcome to Tech Pulse – How to get Started

Login by going to and entering the email address you used to purchase your Tech Pulse ticket or TIN Report, or if your ticket was purchased for you, use the email address the purchaser entered for your attendee information.

My email was not recognised: Did you use the same email address you purchased your ticket/TIN Report with?


Please note that Swapcard works best with Chrome or Firefox. If you are experiencing blank pages, streaming issues or app latency, please switch to one of these two browsers if you have been working on another browser.

  • Should the video player remain unavailable following a page refresh; it is most likely a security setting on your browser, device, or network blocking access to the content server.  We would recommend trying the following.
  • Try accessing the site from another browser (this gets around any browser settings that could be blocking access) If you are on a PC you should have access to Edge and if on a Mac it will be Safari.
  • Open an Incognito Window and try to access the content through this (this gets around any cached or bad data that could be held in the browser).
  • Try on a different device (Mobile perhaps, if you are viewing on desktop). If you want to access from your phone, simply search for “Swapcard” in the Apple or Android app store. Once installed, use the email address you used to purchase your ticket/TIN Report.
  • Use a different internet connection, a mobile phone with wifi off so it uses mobile data is a good option (this bypasses things like corporate network restrictions or VPNs that may be presenting an issue).
User Interface Questions 

Where can I see My Meetings, Sessions, Bookmarked Companies, Product Wishlist?  
You can see them under the "My Agenda" tab. 

Where do I go to send a connection request? 
You need to navigate to the profile of the user to whom you wish to send a connection and use the "Send a Connection Request" icon on the right hand side of the page. 

Where can I see all of my chats and sent connection requests?
You can see all of you chats and sent connection requests under the "Chat"  icon on the top of the web app page.

Where can I see all the notifications and is a sound played when there is a new chat or notification? 
All notifications are shown under the "Notifications"  icon. We do not play a sound for notifications as of now.

How can I edit my company information? 
You can edit your company information by clicking on "Edit" on your profile and scroll down to the company information and click on "Add company." 

Please note that you cannot edit the information of an existing company value. If you need to edit something you can click on "Create a New Company" and update the latest information. If you are a part of an Exhibitor team, please note that this company field and your exhibitor profile do not sync with each other. These are two separate entities. So if you see any obsolete information, please create a new value for your company by clicking on "Create New Company." 

You can access the Swapcard Knowledge Base here:  

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