2022 TIN Report Regional Data

17 November 2022
Four regions have revenue in excess of $1B, Otago/southland the fastest-growing, Auckland remains the economic powerhouse, according to 2022 TIN Report.
Key highlights from the report:
  • NZ’s top 200 technology export companies by revenue (TIN200 companies) generated $15.117B in total revenue for FY2022, up $1.247B or 9.0% on FY2021.
  • Total TIN200 exports were $11.495B, up $961m or 9.1% on FY2021. Tech constitutes NZ’s second largest export earner behind dairy and comprises 14% of NZ’s total export revenue for the year to June 2022. 
  • Total TIN200 employment was 62,718, up 6148 or 10.9% on FY2021. 
  • The average TIN200 employee wage rose $699 to $89,711 – $27,883 higher than the national median of $61,828. 
This year, four out of the report’s six regions achieved double-digital growth. High growth companies were spread across New Zealand, with impressive results from those based in Otago/Southland.
TIN Head of Research Alex Dickson says:

“Beyond resilience, Kiwi tech companies are competing and winning overseas in a time of global economic uncertainty and there’s a growing sense of confidence in the sector and by those invested in it.

By the numbers, we see our tech companies supporting much-needed export diversity, productivity, and income assurance as New Zealand plots a path to recovery. Tech companies added more than a billion dollars of revenue growth and $960 million in export growth to the country’s economy over the last year.

The sector’s breadth of export destinations, ability to absorb shocks and avoid conflict with climate goals is a major asset in this regard. On its current trajectory, tech exports will hit $20.5B by 2027, but challenges like attracting, training, and maintaining skilled talent remain an obstacle.”

A summary of regional data in the 2022 TIN Report is as follows: 
With 115 companies and $8.26B (55% of total TIN200 revenue), the New Zealand tech sector remains squarely concentrated on Auckland/Northland. Staff numbers grew by 10.6% in FY2022 for a total of 32,440 staff (both domestic and global) captured by Auckland/Northland companies. High-tech Manufacturing, which accounts for 62% of Auckland’s total revenue, experienced slower growth this year, registering 1.3% ($63m) revenue growth, whereas ICT and Biotech grew by 16.1% ($363m) and 9.4% ($45m) respectively. At 6.1% ($472m) overall growth for 2022, the Auckland/ Northland regional contribution to TIN200 growth is both consequential and comparatively lower than all other regions.
  • Revenue ($000): $8,260,544 
  • Growth ($000/%):$471,956 or 6.1%  
  • Job Creation(actual/%): 3,120 or 10.6% 
  • Number of TIN 200 companies: 115  
  • Share of total TIN200 revenue: 54.6%  
  • Three largest TIN200 companies: F&P Healthcare, F&P Appliances, Pushpay  


    The Waikato region accounts for 10 TIN200 companies, including New Zealand’s four largest Agritech companies – Gallagher Group, Livestock Improvement Corporation, Tomra Foods and NDA Group – which accounted for 84% of the region’s $1.2B total revenue, and 83% of its 4,109 strong workforce. This year, Waikato tech grew revenue by 8.3%, or $92.7m, more than five points below the region’s 5-year CAGR of 13.8%. Despite slower growth this year, the region continues to boast New Zealand’s highest average salary of $103,300.
    • Revenue ($000): $1,216,550 
    • Growth ($000/%):$92,717 or 8.3%  
    • Job Creation(actual/%): 247 or 6.4%  
    • Number of TIN 200 companies: 10  
    • Share of total TIN200 revenue: 8.1%  
    • Three largest TIN200 companies: Gallagher Group, LIC, Tomra Food 

      Central North Island

      Made up of 15 companies from the Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay and Taranaki/Whanganui, the Central North Island is the smallest region by total revenue ($342.9m) and employees (1,508). Despite its size, the Central North Island continues to expand its tech footprint with double-digit revenue and employee growth of 14.9% ($44.5m) and 16.1% (209 staff). Of the 15 companies, 10 are Hi-tech Manufacturers, with four operating in the Agritech space. Local ICT companies Fingermark and LawVu grew strongly in 2022, supporting regional ICT sector growth of nearly 40% or $16.8m.
      • Revenue ($000): $342,880 
      • Growth ($000/%):$44,472 or 14.9%  
      • Job Creation(actual/%): 209 or 16.1%  
      • Number of TIN 200 companies: 15  
      • Share of total TIN200 revenue: 2.3%  
      • Three largest TIN200 companies: NZ Frost Fans, Trimax Mowing Systems, Bluelab 


        The 32 TIN200 companies in this region generated $3.7B in total revenue, $417m of revenue growth and 24.4% of total TIN200 revenue. Much of this growth can be attributed to Wellington/Manawatū’s giants – Datacom, Xero and WetaFX – in addition to the 20 other ICT firms that call the region home. Together these 23 companies accounted for 51.7% of ICT revenue across the TIN200, and 94% of the region’s tech 17,915 employees, up 2,091 from last year. Three Wellington based companies, PartsTrader, Sharesies and Dinosaur Polo Club, entered the TIN200 for the first time this year.
        • Revenue ($000): $3,689,835 
        • Growth ($000/%):$416,953 or 12.7% 
        • Job Creation(actual/%): 2,091 or 13.2%  
        • Number of TIN 200 companies: 32 
        • Share of total TIN200 revenue: 24.4%  
        • Three largest TIN200 companies: Datacom, Xero, Weta Digital 

        Canterbury/Upper South Island

        This year, Canterbury tech companies lifted revenue growth to 12.0%, up from 6.0% in 2021, to top $1B in total revenue for the first time. Hi-tech Manufacturers enjoyed double digit revenue growth of 13%, adding $93.9m for a total of $818.3m, or 73.6% of total regional revenue. Canterbury’s largest companies – Tait Communications, Seequent, Enatel and Moffat Group – accounted for 46.2%, or $518m of total revenue, underscoring the region’s prowess in electronics manufacturing. With 20 companies in the TIN200, Canterbury is the third largest TIN200 region, though it accounted for only 4.3% of national employment growth in FY2022.
        • Revenue ($000): $1,111,916 
        • Growth ($000/%): $118,759 or 12.0%  
        • Job Creation(actual/%): 262 or 6.7%  
        • Number of TIN 200 companies: 20 
        • Share of TIN200 revenue: 7.8% 
        • Three largest TIN200 companies: Tait Communications, Seequent, Enatel 


          After a challenging year in 2021, tech companies headquartered in Otago/Southland bounced back recording 26.1% growth - this year’s top regional performance. Six of the region’s eight TIN200 companies recorded double-digit growth, with a further four – Magic Memories, Education Perfect, Scott Technology and Pacific Edge – picking up TIN200 high-growth awards. Magic Memories, a standout amongst the group, grew by 82% or $45m, following post-COVID investment in cloud, mobile and ecommerce-based products.
          • Revenue ($000): $495,246 
          • Growth ($000/%):$102,640 or 26.1% 
          • Job Creation(actual/%): 219 or 9.3%  
          • Number of TIN 200 companies: 8  
          • Share of TIN200 revenue: 3.3%  
          • Three largest TIN200 companies: Scott Technology, Magic Memories, Escea 
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