Reaping the Rewards of Resilience

26 August 2021
In the midst of challenging times, perfection is rarely possible, but forward momentum is critical. 

What an interesting 18 months it continues to be.

In the past week, as the whole of New Zealand entered an abrupt – but somewhat anticipated – Level 4 lockdown, I was fortunate enough to get both a COVID test (thankfully negative) and my first Pfizer vaccination.

In the midst of a turbulent week that saw (and is still seeing) the Delta strain of COVID-19 surge through the Auckland community, both of these personal experiences were heart-warming for me.

I saw clear evidence of a well-run, efficient process managed by compassionate, committed people working well into the night with undiminished empathy, care and attention. If that is even a fleeting reading of the pulse of a nation, one would have to judge that New Zealand is in great health.

So too is our tech sector. The uncertainty of the times is accelerating the adoption of new technology and the globalisation of capital flows. Technology investors are reaping the rewards of massive gains in the value of tech companies, creating greater confidence in future tech-led economic growth.

This has already transformed the NZ technology sector in some hugely significant ways, and there is still much more to play out.

This year TIN has received a record number of completed surveys from our leading tech exporting companies about their 2020/21 financial year. As returns from publicly listed companies already indicate, this year’s TIN Report is expecting to record yet another year of strong growth, in spite of COVID.

Greg Shanahan - Managing Director, TIN

As one of the western economies least affected by COVID, New Zealand has had the advantage of being able to view the consequences of different strategies across the globe from a position of stability and relative calm.

The sustainability of this advantage will depend on the continuing resilience of New Zealand economically, socially and environmentally – particularly through this latest Delta challenge.

High growth technology companies understand that rapid change involves learning on the fly, while providing clarity for staff and stakeholders, building trust and transparency, rapidly embracing new realities and creating supportive cultures that enable their employees to be invested in the future.

Perfection is rarely possible, but forward momentum is critical. Mistakes are lessons rather than sources of recrimination.

These are attributes that fit well with New Zealand’s COVID response. Long may they apply as the future increasingly favours small nimble cohesive and resilient countries such as our own – and the new and innovative tech companies that are steadily growing within them.

Kia kaha

Greg Shanahan

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