2018 TIN Report: Regional Data

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2017 Technology Sector Data for Auckland, New Zealand


As the region with the second largest number of TIN200 companies, North Auckland/Northland recorded solid revenue growth of 16.1%, an increase of $154 million. Combined TIN200 revenue for the 42 firms in the region totalled $1.1 billion, breaking the $1 billion revenue threshold for the first time with an impressive 5-year CAGR of 11.5%.

Revenue ($000): $1,110,535
Growth ($000/%): $154,344/16.1%
Job Creation (actual/%): 292/6.9%
Number of TIN200 Companies: 42

2017 Technology Sector Data for Hamilton, New Zealand


South Auckland* represents the largest region in this year’s TIN Report, with 80 companies providing 47.1% or $5.2 billion of total TIN200 revenue. This region made a major contribution to overall TIN200 growth in FY2018, recording increased revenue of 9.4% or $449 million. South Auckland is home to six of the ten largest High-tech Manufacturing firms in the TIN Report.

Revenue ($000): $5,241,114
Growth ($000/%): $449,336/9.4%
Job Creation (actual/%): 569/2.9%
Number of TIN200 Companies: 80
*South Auckland: the region south of the Auckland Harbour Bridge to the Bombay Hills, including Central Auckland and West Auckland.

2017 Technology Sector Data for Central North Island, New Zealand


The Hamilton region recorded the largest revenue growth rate for the year at 16.3%, a $119 million increase. Hamilton has just nine TIN200 companies but it still contributed $854 million to total TIN200 revenue in FY2018.

Revenue ($000): $853,619
Growth ($000/%): $119,376/16.3%
Job Creation (actual/%): 109/3.8%
Number of TIN200 Companies: 9

2017 Technology Sector Data for Wellington, New Zealand


The North Island’s Central region has a strong mix of High-tech Manufacturing and Biotech companies. The 11 TIN200 firms in the region delivered a combined growth rate of 5.0% or $13 million, bringing total revenue to $265 million.

Revenue ($000): $265,428
($000/%): $12,657/5.0%
Job Creation (actual/%): 23/3.1%
Number of TIN200 Companies: 11

2017 Technology Sector Data for Central North Island, New Zealand


As the second largest revenue generator, the Wellington region accounted for 21.2% or $2.4 billion of this year’s total TIN200 turnover. The region recorded strong overall FY2018 revenue growth of 12.3% or $259 million. Wellington continues to be a hub for ICT, with 93.9% of revenue coming from the 17 companies in this sector.

Revenue ($000): $2,358,145
Growth ($000/%): $258,640/12.3%
Job Creation (actual/%): 798/7.4%
Number of TIN200 Companies: 25

2017 Technology Sector Data for Central North Island, New Zealand


A traditional stronghold for High-tech Manufacturing firms, the Canterbury region experienced revenue growth of 7.0% or $58 million in FY2018. The collective revenues of its High-tech Manufacturing companies rose by 4.8% or $30 million, contributing 75.0% of the region’s total turnover.

Revenue ($000): $878,911
Growth ($000/%): $57,858/7.0%
Job Creation (actual/%): 228/6.5%
Number of TIN200 Companies: 24

2017 Technology Sector Data for Central North Island, New Zealand


Comprising a mix of stable High-tech Manufacturing companies and fast-growing ICT firms, the Otago region achieved notable growth of 13.1% or $48 million. High-tech Manufacturing revenue grew by $25 million and ICT turnover increased by $23 million in FY2018.

Revenue ($000): $410,251
Growth ($000/%): $47,609/13.1%
Job Creation (actual/%): 91/2.6%
Number of TIN200 Companies: 9

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