TIN Launches Enhanced Survey Seeking Data on New Zealand’s Resilient Tech Sector

25 June 2021
  • Annual Technology Investment Network survey to measure NZ tech sector’s performance and growth amidst COVID-19 
  • Enhanced survey tool to make survey more user friendly and easy to complete
  • New survey categories of Creative Industries and Transport added to reflect the evolving nature of NZ’s tech export sector

AUCKLAND, 24 June, 2021 – Technology Investment Network is rolling out its annual survey of New Zealand’s tech export sector this week, seeking crucial data that will measure and analyse the local sector’s performance and growth through the global challenges of the past financial year under COVID-19.  

This year, TIN will be using the globally renowned Qualtrics platform to refine and enhance its survey which goes to around one thousand Kiwi tech companies annually, seeking information on company size, revenue, export value, employee numbers and growth. The data forms the backbone of the annual TIN Report.

Now in its 17th year, the TIN Report has become a critical reference for benchmarking the performance of New Zealand’s 200 largest globally-focused technology companies, categorised according to the primary sectors of Biotech, ICT and High-Tech Manufacturing.

Greg Shanahan, TIN’s managing director, says the new survey platform will provide an even more efficient, effective and user-friendly experience for the technology companies it polls, which will help deliver more insightful and compelling data for the annual TIN Report.

Mr Shanahan says despite the challenges of COVID-19 over the past year, many TIN200 companies appear to have demonstrated their immunity to the effects of the pandemic or have been positively affected by it with unprecedented investment opportunities and record growth.

“New Zealand’s resilient technology industry is gaining increasing credibility on the global stage as COVID-19 accelerates ingenuity and innovation across the wider industry,” he said.

“JAVLN was honoured and excited to be included on last year’s TIN 200 list.  It’s been an aspiration of ours to be recognised for the work we do and as a result the growth that we are experiencing.  It’s great to be leading the way in Insurtech in New Zealand with our products and solutions.”Dale Smith, CEO, JAVLN

“The need for data to help us understand the current state of NZ’s tech export sector has never been more important, and I urge all tech companies to be a part of it and help tell their stories of the past year.”

TIN is also changing the definition and categorisation of some of the secondary sectors it covers in the TIN Report in order to better reflect the changing nature of the industries that it surveys.

A new secondary sector on Transport has been created, encompassing the previous Navigation secondary sector. Digital Media has been expanded and renamed as Creative Industries with particular recognition given to the rising impact of the local gaming sector on the world stage.

“TIN is evolving as the tech sector evolves. If ever there’s been a year to participate in the TIN survey, this is it,” added Mr Shanahan.

JAVLN, an Auckland-based insurance and data integration software company, made the TIN200 list for the first time last year, and was also ranked seventh on the list of top ten Absolute IT Supreme Scale-up companies for 2020. This list collates the companies ranked between 101-200 on the TIN200 with the largest revenue growth in the past year.

Dale Smith, CEO of JAVLN, said inclusion on the list was a long-term ambition of theirs.

"JAVLN was honoured and excited to be included on last year’s TIN 200 list.  It’s been an aspiration of ours to be recognised for the work we do and as a result the growth that we are experiencing.  It’s great to be leading the way in Insurtech in New Zealand with our products and solutions."  

    Further information on the new secondary sectors to be covered in the 2021 TIN Report is as follows:  
    • Transport:  includes companies that manufacture, supply components, and provide technology solutions and systems for transport vehicles operating on road, air, space, rail or water, as well as transport infrastructure, support, warehousing, and storage services.
    • Creative Industries: comprises companies focused on the provision of creative entertainment and digital products to consumers. Companies in this group create high-tech products and solutions for industries such as gaming, tourism and cinema, and may also provide entertainment products directly to end users.
    In addition, as a reflection of the rapidly changing face of Biotech, the primary sector definition has been revised to include companies that combine technology with biology and chemistry to create products and processes such as pharmaceuticals and bioremediation.  
    To qualify for inclusion in TIN’s survey and research, companies must meet the following criteria:
    • originate in New Zealand 
    • retain a meaningful presence in New Zealand 
    • operate in the high-tech Manufacturing, ICT, or Biotech sectors 
    • have developed their own technology-based intellectual property 
    • generate at least 10% of their revenues offshore 

    If your company already meets these criteria or is aspiring to meet these criteria and you’re interested in being included on the TIN database, click here and request the form to register. You can also email TIN directly at tin100@tinetwork.com.  
    Following the distribution of the 2021 TIN survey this week, participants will then have until mid-July to complete it online. Once completed, each company on the database will then be ranked by revenue to identify the top TIN100 and the TIN Next100, which combined form the full TIN200 list.   
    The Report will also contain a sample of 100 ‘Early Stage’ tech companies that TIN has encountered over the past year. The final report will be published on Thursday, 21 October and launched at the annual TIN Awards event in Auckland that evening.  More information about the launch event will be shared in the coming months.   
    TIN recently launched the 2021 Investor’s Guide to the New Zealand Tech Sector, reflecting the current state of the technology investment ecosystem. Last week, TIN published its second consecutive sector report on the Agritech industry, the New Zealand Agritech Insights Report, launched at  Fieldays 2021. TIN is also planning a second sector report for the Healthtech industry, due for release next year.   
    The TIN Report is sponsored by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Absolute IT, BNZ, EY, James & Wells and NZX.  

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