TIN Survey Definitions

10 June 2021

Sector Descriptions


This classification is given to companies providing technologies to the primary sector in the form of ubiquitous farm essentials such as electric fences and milking equipment, weighing devices, and primary produce sorting and processing machinery. 


Companies in this sector manufacture goods for consumers such as household appliances, motors, heaters, and refrigeration items. Products may be complete units, or components used by other manufacturers.

Communication Solutions 

This sector focuses on companies that provide solutions to facilitate communication. Companies are involved in a range of activities including communications software, telecommunications infrastructure, telco, and IT networks, and the enablement of radio communication.

Creative Industries

This sector comprises companies focused on the provision of creative entertainment and digital products to consumers. Companies in this group create high-tech products and solutions for industries such as gaming, tourism and cinemaand/or may also provide entertainment products directly to end users. 


Electronics companies include those involved in electricity supply, lighting, television, and computer hardware units.


This group is comprised of companies using innovative software to enable businesses to handle the financial aspects of their operations as efficiently as possible.


Companies from all three primary sectors may be involved in healthcare. Outputs include pharmaceuticals and supplements, health related software, and medical devices.

Heavy Manufacturing 

This sector is comprised of manufacturers producing a wide range of items for industry and large heavy products for end users. Companies classified under this sector provide technology vital to the functioning of the industry they are involved in, such as electromagnets and mining equipment. 

IT Services and Support 

Services under this umbrella include the design of IT infrastructure and management, cloud and hosting services, and data centre support.


This sector includes companies that manufacture, supply components, and provide technology solutions and systems for transport vehicles operating on road, air, space, rail or water, as well as transport infrastructure, support, warehousing, and storage services.

Operational Support 

This classification is given to companies that provide industrial or auxiliary operational support. They focus on facilitating greater efficiency of operations through technology.

Software Solutions

These companies provide software solutions to their clients either on a traditional basis of bespoke package design or using the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model.

Don’t know / No other sector 

For companies who do not fall into another sector description. 

Country / Region Descriptions

New Zealand

New Zealand





Rest of Asia

The region bordered by Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Japan.

North America

Includes, USA, Canada, and Greenland.


Includes the five main European nations along with Norway and Swedenout to Turkey, and everything North of Africa.

Middle East

Encompasses Turkey through to Yemen and Oman, and out to Afghanistan including Iran, Iraq, Syria, UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Latin America

Includes Mexico, Central America, the Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean, and most of South America.