TINWire Tech News Round Up: 7 Aug 17

7 August 2017

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Our focus over the past few weeks has been our Lure of the US TINTalk event, and what a stellar line-up we had at the NZTE offices.  Despite what the politicians might be saying, the US economy is still performing well and the US market is becoming increasingly important to the success of the New Zealand technology sector. 
Not only are goods and services going to the United States, but foreign direct investment is coming into New Zealand.  Thanks to the efforts of organisations such as NZTE, direct investment in New Zealand technology businesses by foreign investment funds grew by a whopping 239% last year.
I mentioned at the event that if we’d tried to have an event like this 15 years ago we would have fitted everyone into a phone booth — because that was the number of people with relevant experience back then.  We’re now bursting at the seams, and it’s great to see.
Enjoy this issue of TINWire and have a great week!

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