TIN Member Spotlight: ADInstruments

18 August 2022

ADInstruments has been serving healthcare, medical researchers and educators for more than 30 years. Committed to making science easier, ADInstrument’s suite of products comprises industry-leading hardware like PowerLab and cutting-edge software tools like LabChart and Lt. Educators save time and effort using Lt’s extensive collection of over 500 lessons and labs addressing physiology, nursing, medicine, anatomy, biology, and chemistry.

The company’s learning platform, Lt received an honorable mention in the IMS Global Learning Impact Awards held in July this year.

We caught up with the ADInstruments team to discuss their future plans.

Congratulations on the recognition of your Lt learning platform in the IMS global awards. What makes your platform stand out versus other learning platforms?

Research shows that students who engage in well-designed laboratory experiences develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. These hands-on experiences help foster skills sought by employers while preparing students for careers in medicine, research and development, and the tech sector more broadly.

Lt is an online learning platform that was designed specifically to enhance hands-on learning and laboratory experiences for university students not to replace them. Moreover, Lt connects to a range of scientific instruments that allow students to capture real-world data whilst conducting unique experiments.

Lt ships with over 500 interactive and fully customisable cloud-based science lessons, informed by standards from organisations like the American Physical Society (APS) and the American Chemical Society (ACS). In practice, Lt allows students to: analyse data; create tables and charts; upload and annotate photos and images; engage with case studies; complete group work; as well as record info in an online notebook. The platform also contains tools for educators to share, modify, and author their own content, in addition to administrative features such as student management, scheduling, grading, and analytics.

You mentioned in the 2021 TIN Report that the free trial offer of your education platform for universities was the best business decision taken last year. What are your top three business priorities for the remainder of 2022 and early 2023?
  1. Expand the usage of our online learning platform Lt through investing in sales, marketing, and business development.
  2. Grow the sales of our cardiovascular research product range and release new products in this area.
  3. Further develop the feature sets of our two software platforms Lt and LabChart Lightning.
ADInstruments is a supplier of hardware and software for the acquisition of biological signals & data, as well as a provider of learning platforms. What are your longer-term strategic focus areas given the success of the Lt learning platform?

Science helps us to better understand the world we live in; solve humanity's greatest problems; and improve our quality of life. Everything we do at ADInstruments is about making science easier - in terms of teaching, learning and research. A core part of our online learning platform is the ability to record and analyse data from scientific instruments - which naturally fits our research product portfolio.

Our customers welcome the fact that our technology is used in leading-edge biomedical research, and that students are offered the opportunity to train using equipment that’s at the forefront of real-world test cases.

At the heart of our product portfolio are two software platforms: LabChart for our research-based customers; and Lt for our education-based customers. Our strategic focus is to grow the userbase of these two software platforms by adding additional research devices and analysis tools to our product portfolio, and by expanding the depth and range of content and features available via Lt.

Data breach prevention is a hot topic amongst Healthtech companies. Data breaches affect thousands of patients across the US market alone. What are your strategies to incorporate security measures into software products?
Like our customers, we take security very seriously; the key to security is to think about it first. That means having 360-degree security training for staff: implementing robust review processes and getting regular independent tests and security reviews by experts.
Another hot topic is big data and analytics to support disease prevention – how does ADInstruments support this trend through its products for research?
Our hardware products allow customers to record large amounts of high-frequency data over long periods of time. Our new research software LabChart Lightning has been built with this in mind and has been optimised to handle extra-large data sets from numerous subjects. We have also added new features to make cross-subject data analysis easier and more automated. In the future, we are looking at cloud-based features that may make data storage and analysis easier.

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